Your workers are currently earning a paycheck for their service. But what happens when they retire? They will still need a steady source of income to meet their daily expenses and cover the cost of the activities they’ve been wanting to do.

Our research shows that workers want to learn more about planning and saving for retirement… and that’s where you can help. Concordia Plan Services has been working hard to provide you with resources and tools to help your workers increase their financial wellness and prepare for retirement.


Resources to

National Retirement Security Week –
A Perfect Time to Promote Financial Wellness!

National Retirement Security Week, October 15-21, is a time to encourage workers to prepare for their retirement. This is more than just workers saving; it is a time to look at their current finances, understand their Concordia Retirement Plan benefits and take action to make sure they’ll be able to replace their paycheck when they retire. Help us spread the word about the importance of retirement planning by using the National Retirement Security Week resources below:

MLNG1105a - Save For Retirement - Poster 1 (MLNG1105a.pdf)MLNG1105b - Save for Retirement - Poster 2 (MLNG1105b.pdf)