Concordia Retirement Savings Plan

The Concordia Retirement Savings Plan (CRSP) is an employer-sponsored, 403(b) tax-advantaged savings plan. This program provides workers with an opportunity to establish a personal retirement savings account to supplement their retirement income from the Concordia Retirement Plan.

Workers whose employers have adopted the Plan are eligible to participate in the CRSP. Workers can use the Salary Deferral Agreement to designate the amount to be contributed each pay period.

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Employee Contributions

Workers can change their contribution amount to the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan at any time. To change the withholding amount:


Complete a Salary Deferral Agreement.
Return the completed form to their Employer.

Employers must sign the agreement and keep for their records. Concordia Plans only needs a copy if the worker is making catch-up contributions.

CRSP Benefits

CRSP Employer Contributions

Employers have the option of making contributions to their workers’ accounts, as well as deciding what type of contributions they will offer. This is a great way for employers to encourage workers to save for retirement.

Employers are not obligated to provide an additional CRSP Employer Contribution for workers, but should apply any elected Employer Contribution uniformly across all eligible workers. Employer Contribution elections can be changed once a year.

Contributions and

Distribution Options

In general, members can request a distribution from CRSP accounts upon reaching age 59 ½, or terminating employment with an adopting employer.

Active workers may be eligible to take a loan out on their CRSP account. To request a distribution or loan against a CRSP account, contact Fidelity at 800-343-0860. 

Distribution or


Individuals with CRSP accounts can contact a Fidelity Guidance Representative, who is a knowledgeable professionals equipped with the detailed information about the CRSP and investments to help get you on your way. To contact Fidelity, call 800-343-0860.

Tools Available


Not sure about investing? One of the great benefits of the CRSP is having the ProManage PROgramTM to help with your asset allocation.

Investment Options

The CRSP offers a variety of investment opportunities. All funding options are evaluated and selected based on expected future performance, past performance vs. peers, category ranking, organizational size and stability, management tenure, expenses, and risk profile. Funds were chosen to offer diversification across a broad spectrum of the investment markets.


All mutual funds are offered through Fidelity Investments.


Workers with a CRSP account can see their account balances and projected benefits by accessing Retirement Connection through the benefits website. An updated snapshot of each fund is also available (courtesy of Google), by clicking on the stock symbol below. This snapshot will provide a fund summary, key statistics, performance, and Morningstar Statistics. Please note: these links are provided solely as a courtesy to Plan members, and are not under the control of Concordia Plan Services. Concordia Plan Services does not monitor or review the information for accuracy.


The funds available include:

Fixed Interest Account

New York Life Insurance Company Guaranteed Interest Account

Bond Funds

PIMCO Real Return Instl (PRRIX)
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index - Instl (VBTIX)
J.P. Morgan Core Bond Fund R6 (JCBUX
Transamerica High Yield Bond R6 (TAHBX

Balanced Funds

Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Institutional (VBAIX)

Large Cap Funds

Vanguard Institutional Index Fund (VINIX)
JHancock3 Disciplined Value R6 (JDVWX)
T. Rowe Price Instl Large Cap Growth (TRLGX)

Small/Mid Cap Funds

Vanguard Extended Market Idx Instl (VIEIX)
AllianceBernstein Discovery Value Z (ABSZX)
Wells Fargo Advantage Small Co Growth R6 (WSCRX)

International Funds

Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index-Instl (VTSNX)
American Funds EuroPacific Growth R6 (RERGX)
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Instl (ABEMX)

* Please carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing. For this and other information about any mutual fund investment, please obtain a prospectus and read it carefully before investing. Investment return and principal will fluctuate with changes in market conditions, such that shares may be worth more or less than their original cost when redeemed. Diversification cannot eliminate the risk of investment loss.