Many ministries struggle with complex payroll procedures and staying compliant with changing legal requirements. Monthly, quarterly and year-end reporting are time-consuming, and it can be difficult to maintain consistency should a payroll administrator be called out of the office. CPS is pleased to offer employers an affordable payroll processing and tax compliance solution through our partnership with Paychex. 

With more than 40 years of payroll experience, Paychex was chosen for their outstanding customer service and accuracy, as well as expertise with the unique needs of church payroll, including housing allowances for rostered workers. 

Paychex provides payroll withholdings, direct deposit or paper checks, tax compliance, and timely deposits and filings, in addition to custom reports for financial review.

New Customers: Save Money Now! 

Every ministry could use a little more money to put toward its core mission. But when the budget gets tight, it can be hard to find those extra dollars. Moving your payroll-processing and tax-compliance solutions to an outside vendor can free up valuable resources to focus on your core ministry and help you stay in compliance with changing regulations.

Take a look at our preferred partner Paychex today. Learn more about what Paychex solutions can do to save time for you and your volunteers so you can focus more on what really matters – the work God has put before you.

Join the more than 600 Concordia Plan Services ministries that have already chosen Paychex.

*Dependent on employee size

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The One-Minute Compliance Quiz

How do you know what you don’t know? The answer is simple: When it comes to payroll and human-resources compliance issues, changes occur too frequently for the average person to keep up with the latest laws and regulations.
Yes   No
           I have identified employees vs. contract employees.
           I have an employee handbook that undergoes regular legal review.
           I know what OSHA regulations and training apply to my staff.
           I have properly reported the housing allowance for our minister.
           I know how to correctly report the cost of group term life insurance.
           I have all of the required federal and state posters displayed in my workplace.
           I have written job descriptions, including ADA requirements, for all positions.
           I regularly conduct performance appraisals. 

If you have answered even one statement with a "no," your ministry risks being out of compliance with employment and payroll regulations. Paychex can help. Request your no-cost, no-obligation compliance quote and feel the peace of mind that comes with having a team of experts safeguarding your ministry's future.

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