Ministry Benefit Decisions

Concordia Plan Services provides high-quality benefits that are appropriate for those who serve others and do the work of our Lord. If you're thinking of creating a new benefits package or adding benefits for your workers, consider providing them a level of benefits that recognizes their level of service.

Becoming a part of the Concordia Plans means becoming part of a larger community that covers health claims for our brothers and sisters in Christ across the world, provides for each other in retirement, in times of grief, and in times of joy.

Why is CPS Unique?

Pricing & Packages

The Concordia Plans are employer-sponsored benefit programs. When your ministry decides to participate in the Plans, you are supported by a caring team including your own Account Team member; a team of worker educators, focused on physical wellness, financial wellness, and retirement planning; and a group of benefit specialists in health, retirement, disability, survivor benefits, enrollment, and more. This team will support you and your workers so that you can Be Well ... Serve Well. 

Providing a high level of benefits that includes comprehensive medical coverage along with both a defined benefit and a defined contribution retirement plan can give workers one less worry while delivering ministry. 
Disability & Survivor Plan
  • Worker without Dependents: 1.20% of annual compensation
  • Worker with Dependents: 2.25% of annual compensation
Retirement Plan
  • Traditional Option Benefits
    • Regular Basis: 8.7% of annual compensation
    • Full Basis: 11.7% of annual compensation
  • Account Option Benefits
    • Eligibility Waiting Period (Up to 12 months as defined by your ministry): 0% of annual compensation
    • Non-Vested Worker Rate: 5.7% of annual compensation
    • Vested Worker Rate: 8.7% of annual compensation
Retirement Savings Plan
No cost to employers, however, employers may elect to provide optional contributions for their workers.
Concordia Health Plan
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Package Options

Adopting the Plans

We are so glad that your ministry is considering becoming a part of the Concordia Plan Services community. Your new Account Team member can help you get your ministry enrolled!

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Joining the Plans

Is Your Ministry Eligible?
Before an organization can adopt the Concordia Plans, eligibility must be reviewed and approved by Concordia Plan Services. If the organization meets the criteria, then it is eligible to join the plans by adopting a resolution authorizing participation.
New adoptions (organizations who haven’t previously participated) must either be an LCMS Member Congregation, Controlled Organization, Recognized Service Organization, or meet specific requirements as an LCMS affiliate organization.
If you are an organization considering re-adopting the plans, please contact us.
CHP Participation Requirements
Employers wanting to participate in the Concordia Health Plan must have at least 75% of eligible workers enrolled, not including eligible opt outs (such as being enrolled in spousal coverage).
Adoption Forms
Ready to take the next step towards joining the Concordia Plans? Your Account Manager can help you with details on adopting the Plans and prepare adoption forms for your ministry.
Enrollment Effective Date
Employer enrollment is effective the first day of any month following adoption by the governing body of the employer and submission of required documents to Concordia Plan Services. Enrollment in the CHP is subject to group underwriting standards established by Concordia Plan Services, and an employer’s enrollment can be denied or be subject to a rate surcharge.

Your New Team

CHP Elections

Each summer, employers participating in the Concordia Health Plan (CHP) can elect a different plan coverage option for the coming year. We are here to help your ministry understand your different options, and your Account Team member can help with funding strategies and answer any questions you have during the selection process.

All employers can elect to offer one CHP option (known as Employer Choice). Some employers, based on number of workers, may be eligible to select multiple CHP options (known as Worker Choice).

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Exempt and Non-Exempt Organizations

Under the ACA, certain organizations are exempt from having to provide coverage for certain women's preventive care services that are not aligned with our Lutheran beliefs. This exemption is also known as conscience protection.

Churches, conventions, associations of churches, and integrated auxilliaries are considered exempt, and we offer many health plan options with comprehensive, flexible coverage.

Universities, some schools, and Recognized Service Organizations (RSOs) and all others not meeting the definition of a religious employer are not exempt. For non-exempt employers to provide coverage that aligns with Lutheran beliefs, coverage can be continued in our grandfathered health plan options.

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