Employer Eligibility & Enrollment

Before an organization can adopt the Concordia Plans, eligibility must be reviewed and approved by Concordia Plan Services. If the organization meets the criteria, then it is eligible to join the plans by adopting a resolution authorizing participation.
New adoptions (organizations who haven’t previously participated) must either be an LCMS Member Congregation, Controlled Organization, Recognized Service Organization, or meet specific requirements as an LCMS affiliate organization. Re-adoption of the plans includes the following provisions:
  • A period of three years must have elapsed since withdrawal occurred;
  • Employer was in good financial standing at the time of the withdrawal;
  • Certain minimal participation requirements are satisfied.
Limited adoption for rostered ministers serving a social service agency that is an RSO with a complete package of benefits is also available.

CHP Participation Requirements

Employers wanting to participate in the Concordia Health Plan must meet the following participation requirements.
  • Another health plan cannot be offered alongside the CHP.
  • At least 75 percent of those eligible to enroll in the CHP must be enrolled, or an eligible opt out.  
  • If you have three workers, you can have one “ineligible opt-out” as long as two workers are enrolled in the CHP. 


Member Eligibility

An eligible worker can be enrolled if the LCMS employer participates in the benefit programs. Workers cannot be denied enrollment because of age, occupation, sex, or religion. This includes workers in day care centers, preschools, and lunch programs that are under the control of a participating LCMS congregation.

Vicar and Student Eligibility 

Vicars and intern teachers who will be returning to the seminary or college to complete their studies are not eligible to enroll in the Concordia Plans. However, those who have completed their formal course-work and will not be returning to school are eligible and may be enrolled at the option of the employer. An employer who elects to enroll such an individual is required to enroll the worker in all Plans in which the employer participates. Also, vicars can enroll for Concordia Health Plan (CHP) coverage as a seminary student.

Dependent Eligibility

Spouses, dependent children, and other dependents under limited circumstances are eligible for enrollment in the CHP. 

Spouses who are each employed by CHP participating employers can either enroll as workers through their own employer, or determine which spouse would like to carry coverage for the family. In the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan and the Concordia Retirement Plan, each spouse is enrolled as a worker and also enrolled as a dependent of the other spouse. Eligible dependent children are enrolled under both parents. Thus, if a dependent dies, a death benefit would be payable under both parents' membership.


Member Enrollment

When a new worker joins a ministry, an enrollment form must be completed and returned to Concordia Plan Services within 60 days. The worker should also be given a copy of any CHP option SBCs that the employer has elected, as well as a Marketplace notice. If new dependents are acquired (through marriage, birth, adoption, placement for adoption) the worker must complete a Request for Membership Change form or Newborn Enrollment form and submit the appropriate form to Concordia Plan Services within 60 days of the life event.

Late Enrollment

If the enrollment form is received by Concordia Plan Services more than 60 days after the worker’s initial eligibility date, penalties apply. For the CHP, the worker will have to wait to enroll during either Annual Enrollment or Special Enrollment.
Enrolling late in the CRP will be retroactive to the first day of the month following the date of the worker’s full-time employment, with contributions billed retroactively which may include lost income adjustment fees.
Enrolling late in the CDSP will make enrollment effective the first day of the month following the receipt of the enrollment form in the Concordia Plan Services office. 

Other Enrollment

Managing Status Changes

Remind workers to inform Concordia Plan Services in writing when status changes occur for workers or dependents. It is important that we receive changes such as addition or deletion of dependents (i.e., spouse, child) or a change of address, or termination of coverage, because benefits and participation may be affected.

Report Changes

  1. Fill out the Worker Change Report Form for terminations, transfers, hour changes, or salary changes (only for job title or hours changes); or
  2. Fill out the Request for Membership Change Form for changing dependents or marriage status; or
  3. Fill out the Change of Address Form for address changes. 
  4. Return to Concordia Plan Services at Concordia Plan Services
    Attention: Enrollment Services
    P.O. Box 229007
    St. Louis, MO 63122-9007
    Fax: (314)996-1127
    Email: info@concordiaplans.org

Reporting Terminations

Payments to all Plans are due through the end of the month in which the worker terminated.

CHP Termination Information: If notice of a termination is not reported within 30 days of the event, the employer is required to pay the CHP contribution through the end of the month in which notice was provided. In the case of a transfer, failure to report within 30 days will result in the employer being billed for Concordia Health Plan (CHP) contributions for any interim period (the employment gap between employers) of two months or less. If the interim transfer period is more than two months, the employer will be billed through the end of the month in which the transfer was reported.

CRSP Reporting for Terminations: If the terminated worker was participating in the CRSP, and the employer utilized the automatic method of contribution remittance, it is the employer's responsibility to notify EBSO about the change. The employer will need to adjust their Automatic Remittance Form and return the paperwork.

Health Care Coverage Extensions

In order to obtain an extension of coverage, CPS must be notified in writing that you wish to pay on an individual basis within 21 days. 

Workers: CHP Coverage may be extended up to 15 calendar months after termination on an individual basis. 

Dependents: Dependent coverage may be extended up to six calendar months following the end of the calendar month in which the dependent is no longer an eligible dependent of the member.

Retirees: Retiring workers age 55 or older with more than five consecutive years of CHP participation (or 1 year of CHP participation with five years of RMS service credits if enrolled in the Concordia Retirement Plan, Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan, and the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan) immediately prior to retirement can continue in the CHP as retired members. If you do not meet the above criteria, you may extend CHP coverage up to 15 months on an individual basis.

Legally Separated or Divorced Spouses: Legally separated or divorced spouses from CHP members may extend coverage up to 12 calendar months, and may file for extended coverage for any dependents of the CHP member that are in your custody.

Other Life Events