Offering Your Employees Tax Advantages and Minding the Budget 

Personal Spending Accounts offer great financial advantages for your workers to help them budget and save for everyday health care and dependent care costs, while also providing tax advantages that let your workers keep more money in their pocket. These financial accounts can help to offset worker costs for lower-premium plans, while still helping our employers to be mindful of the costs of ministry.

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Tax-Advantaged Personal
Spending Accounts

Our Providers

Kaiser Permanente

For the Whole Health options, Kaiser Permanente offers HSAs, HRAs and FSAs with seamless integration for your workers’ peace of mind. You can also access your employer account anytime via the Health Payment Account Employer Administration Portal.

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For all other options, SelectAccount offers HSAs, HRAs and FSAs and provides seamless integration for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Kaiser Permanentemembers. Employers can contact SelectAccount at any time through the Employer Help Line (866-309-8916) or for member assistance (800-859-2144).