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Get Peace of Mind With Your Own Healthcare Champion
Maybe you’re experiencing a long, tough medical journey. It could be your own or that of a spouse or child. Or maybe you have recently relocated to a new city and need to find new doctors. You realize how important it is to have access to high-quality care.

Grand Rounds extends that level of care to you and your family, because when it comes to health, finding the right doctors could make all the difference. Grand Rounds ensures that you see the top 10 percent of doctors nationwide. It offers personal medical advice, assistance and support to ensure Concordia Health Plan members and their families receive the best possible medical care.

Connect with Grand Rounds’ expert medical network and get peace of mind for you and your family today. Visit or call 866-357-9819.

Members in Kaiser Permanente CHP options are eligible only for the second-opinion component of Grand Rounds.