Your Workers' Retirement Paycheck


You’re providing your workers a paycheck for their service. When their career comes to an end, their paycheck will stop, but their expenses will not. They will need a retirement paycheck to cover the expenses. The Concordia Retirement Plan and Social Security provide a foundation for this paycheck, but workers still need to save. Help your workers by offering the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan.

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Administration of Retirement Savings

Need to learn more about plan administration duties for the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan? Get your ministry set up with EBSO and learn how to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan.

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Offering the Retirement
Savings Plan

Your Employer Toolkit for Workers

Let's help workers prepare for retirement! The Concordia Plan Services has made promoting the CRSP easy. Visit the Employer Tool Kit for helpful videos, financial planning materials, flyers and more. Everything you need to help encourage your workers to save today for a better retirement.

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