The Concordia Retirement Plan - Pension Benefits in Action


(Questions about initiating retirement or retirement topics in general? 

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While retirement is different today than the past, the Concordia Retirement Plan (CRP) is still a dependable, valuable benefit for ministry workers. If you are a full-time worker at an enrolled LCMS employer, you are eligible for enrollment in the CRP. Once you have vested with the plan after 5 years you'll be eligible to receive retirement benefits. To see your retirement paycheck, visit Retirement Connection today. 

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Concordia Retirement
Plan Features

Initiating Retirement

(Questions about initiating retirement or retirement topics in general?

Call 888-927-7526 or email Customer Care.)

The Concordia Retirement Plan (CRP) is a defined benefit plan, which means your benefit is based on salary and years of participation in the plan. As a worker, you are 100% vested in your benefits after 5 years of creditable service in the CRP. Termination of employment prior to age 55 and with 5 years of creditable service will result in a vested terminated worker benefit, which is payable to the member, or the spouse if the member is deceased.

Workers have the option of taking normal, early, or late retirement. To initiate retirement, model your upcoming retirement and more, go to Retirement Connection.